引用本文:李 维1,李海奇1,黄宇漩1,何恭政2.CEO职业关注与企业会计信息披露质量[J].财经理论与实践,2021,(6):96-102
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李 维1,李海奇1,黄宇漩1,何恭政2 (1.湖南大学 金融与统计学院湖南 长沙 410079 2. 广东财经大学 金融学院广东 广州 510399) 
中文关键词:CEO年龄  职业关注  会计信息披露质量
CEO Career Concern and Corporate Accounting Information Quality
Abstract:Using listed firms from Shanghai and Shenzhen A-share during year 2001-2019, we investigates the effect of CEO career concern on corporate accounting information quality. The empirical results show a negative relationship between CEO age and accounting information quality. Specifically, higher-level of CEO career concern leading to both an increased likelihood of greater earnings management and financial window dressing. Also, we test the impact of CEO career concern on earnings management in different directions, and the finding shows that CEO career concern only affect positive earning managements. Further analysis shows that the positive earnings management tendency of enterprises is the channel for CEO professional attention to affect the quality of accounting information disclosure, and the relationship between professional attention and the quality of accounting information disclosure is disturbed by financial performance pressure.
keywords:CEO age  CEO career concern  accounting information quality
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