CEO金融背景对企业经营绩效影响研究——基于倾向得分匹配法 (PSM) 和Logit模型
引用本文:周 锦 培.CEO金融背景对企业经营绩效影响研究——基于倾向得分匹配法 (PSM) 和Logit模型[J].财经理论与实践,2020,(4):70-77
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周 锦 培 (中南财经政法大学 财政与税务学院湖北 武汉 430073) 
中文关键词:CEO  金融背景  企业经营绩效  PSM  logit模型
Measurement of the Influence of CEO's Financial Background on Business Performance——An Empirical Analysis Based on PSM Method
Abstract:In this paper, a sample of listed non-financial companies in Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange from 2009 to 2018 was selected, and the tendency score matching method (PSM) and Logit Model are adopted to investigate the influence of CEOs with financial background on the business performance of listed enterprises. The research results showed that CEOs with financial background had significant negative influence on the business performance of listed enterprises. Through the analysis of the intermediary mechanism, it is found that the preference of CEOs with rich financial background increases the proportion of financial assets and intensifies the operating risk of the enterprises.
keywords:CEO  financial background  Business performance  PSM  Logit Model
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